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IPM Approach to Pest Control

The term “pest control” makes most people think of a guy with a spray tank come to kill pests in a home and leaving behind a very strong unpleasant smell. This, unfortunately, was a very common practice in past and some firms still “soak the place” with spray. This is not the approach used by Eco-Tech.  We follow the best practices of what is called Integrated Pest Management or IPM.  This concept was originally developed by scientists looking at the difficulties of insect resistance in agriculture and realizing that this was not a good approach. They developed a better approach based on knowledge of pests and why they succeed, and how they could be controlled with less use of pesticides. IPM was adopted as a best practice standard for urban pest management and has been endorsed by both The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as the best approach for serious pests like bed bugs realizing that this is very beneficial by reducing excessive use of pesticides and the potential long-term health effects caused by over-use in homes.  Professionals across the nation and in the world recognize IPM as the best practice in responsible effective pest management.

IPM is based on:
  1. Knowledge of Pest Biology
  2. Assessment of infestation include pest i.d. and evaluation of  situation
  3. Application of non-chemical preventive and treatment methods
  4. Limited targeted application of pesticides as necessary
  5. Evaluation of results and follow-up

IPM is a scientific approach and represents a logical cycle to ensure that the pest problem and method of elimination is explained to you as a client, and the problem is resolved with your co-operation as appropriate. In some cases, this may not even require any pesticides at all – for example, for occasional invaders that do not breed inside. Or we may even advise a client that they do not need a service if certain preventive measures are done.
For more serious pests, we will clearly explain what is needed and what you can expect as well as provide you with a guarantee that addresses the problem in realistic terms.
We evaluate every job using the IPM approach, and ensure that our clients are always carefully informed and provided with up-to-date information on specific pests and the best way to get rid of them and prevent recurrence of the problem.
Our word is our bond. Our guarantee is our word.

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